17 Aug, 2021

It is often said that the greatest moment to enjoy that cup of joe is restricted to a certain time of the day.

However, even though there is some science to the optimal time to drink coffee, most of these beliefs are just myths.

Choosing the best time to drink your coffee can be difficult at times, whether you're wanting to start off the day well or need to concentrate on an upcoming exam, but does that mean you should spend hours surfing the internet looking for times you can drink coffee? No.

So, when exactly is the right time to have a cup of coffee?

The short answer: there isn't one.

This obviously varies from person to person and mostly depends on one's requirements and personal schedule.

Here are key coffee myths that you should know are only myths, before you start limiting your daily intake of coffee and/or restricting your coffee intake to specific times of the day.

Myth: One should only consume coffee when in need of energy

While it is true that excess of anything can be unhealthy, that's dangerously large amounts of coffee we're talking about.

Have you also been around gym mates who restrict their coffee intake to just pre-workout times?

Truly, research shows that downing a cup of joe before your sweat sesh can boost your performance, but that doesn't mean you should restrict your coffee dose to only when you need to perform high-energy workouts.

Myth: A big cup of coffee in the morning keeps you awake all day

Truth is, you don't have to guzzle all your coffee in the mornings if the goal is to have energy all day. Instead you should switch to consuming small cups of coffee throughout the day.

Not only will this keep you active, you will also be able to reward your taste buds with that rich flavour several times a day.

Don't let all these myths keep you from drinking coffee when you crave it, especially if you aren't caffeine sensitive.

Remember, coffee intake is not a case of one size fits all and healthy amounts of the drink can do you more good than harm, even if the timing doesn't seem right.

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