Singer Ali Haider is back in action with a new show

Singer Ali Haider is back in action with a new show

He will be appearing on The Ali Haider Show for NTV Houston.
Updated 21 Apr, 2021

'Purani Jeans' singer Ali Haider is ready to try on new jeans, hosting a show called The Ali Haider Show for NTV Houston, USA.

"We are in the process of finalising a huge set," Haider told Images. NTV Houston is a TV channel.

The hourly show will be based on music — also 'fun', as Haider told us — and will be aired weekly on the channel. "Fun, entertainment and live music is the show format. It's going to be an hour long recorded show," Haider said.

The show will include Pakistani and Indian representation, in line with the channel's primary audience — South Asians.

Earlier this month, NTV Houston announced that it was partnering up with Haider via its Facebook page.

Haider began his singing career in Pakistan at a young age, emerging out of his university campus as the voice for an entire generation of youngsters. His songs became anthems for the urban youth, who related to Haider's stories of growing up, young love and aspirations to prove one's self.

During the latter part of his career, after a tragic life event, he turned to religious recitals. He has since released several naats, hamds and nohas, which have been received well by fans. He also hosted a popular drive-time show prior to The Ali Haider Show.