Usman Mukhtar sees you at that wedding not following SOPs and isn't afraid to call you out

Published 17 Dec, 2020 12:05pm

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"Care about yourself and if not yourself then the unsuspecting people around you who you’re going to give the virus to."

Picture: Qamar Anwar photography
Picture: Qamar Anwar photography

Weddings, weddings and more weddings. Winter season in Pakistan is officially the season to get hitched, and despite a global pandemic, there's no stopping people from coming together to celebrate.

Otherwise a joyous time, the shaadi season this year has been a major hub for contracting the deadly virus, with people falling sick in large numbers altogether — often forgetting to wear masks and follow appropriate SOPs in light of all the fun and festivities around.

Given the sensitivity of the situation, Sabaat actor Usman Mukhtar could not help himself but address it.

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"Shadi!! Dance!! Food!!" the Bench director posted, grabbing people's attention on his Instagram post.

"Now that I have your attention. I see your stories in shadi places dancing chipak ke (closely) with each other. Stop it. Please follow SOPs!!" he pleaded, asking people to keep a safe distance from one another, and follow precautions even if they choose to attend weddings.

Reiterating the gravity of the situation, the Bench director reminded people how their carelessness was not just limited to themselves, but others as well, putting them in threatening and life-risking situations.

"Care about yourself and if not yourself, then the unsuspecting people around you who you’re going to give the virus to. This is life and death. Please be cautious."

Coronavirus cases in Pakistan have been on the rise ever since the second wave gripped the country, so people, pay heed to Mukhtar's words. We know we are.