Veteran actor Nadia Jamil, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, is full of spirit and encouraging messages for her fans, who are praying for her speedy recovery.

Taking to social media to share her journey, Jamil has revealed how it has "been an unforgettable struggle."

"Chemo is a battle," she said. "But I'm without fear, in solitude held tight, cocooned in Allah's love. Every lesson sent I try to learn. Pain, sickness is all a journey to healing and patience. Bad Sepsis, sugar 600, nearly went into coma.

She did go on to share that she is "now getting better."

However, while on the road to recovery from cancer, Jamil revealed that she has contracted diabetes and changing her lifestyle for it.

"New post chemo issue is I'm now diabetic. Have to learn to take insulin injections. And must start a healthy lifestyle. Once I'm out of hospital that is."

She added for her fans, followers and well wishers, "Still weak & wobbly but thanking you all so much for your loved support & prayers. You helped me sail through it."

Despite the health update, Jamil kept her positive persona and let her followers know, "Take nothing for granted. Not even a sip of water going down your throat."

Here's wishing that Nadia Jamil is back on her feet soon and that we get to her her on our screens soon again!