Social media has not only changed the course of communication but also made it possible for communities, that were often ignored of forgotten, to have a platform where they can make themselves be known.

Around the world, many folks with disabilities have created such platforms that not only highlight the need for accessibility in our society, but also content that we can enjoy.

Pakistan's Hassan Ahmed is one out to spread joy while making sure the Deaf community can access important updates all the year round.

With hilarious comic videos, food reviews, shopping hauls and lots and lots of awareness; Hassan Ahmed is known as the country's first Deaf vlogger who also shares a liking for UI/UX designing, and is exceptionally talented at it.

Working as the brand ambassador for deaftawk, Hassan's recent videos includes an educational program for the Deaf community, where his viewers can learn the precautionary safety measures related to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

But it's not just raising important information that's on Hassan's agenda, as the vlogger also creates fun content that we could all happily enjoy while staying safe.

Hassan is on a mission to teach the joys of shopping from home.

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Devour yummy pizza

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And keep busy this quarantine!

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We're all for wholesome lighthearted content and love that Hassan is out to represent a community that deserves the platform just like everyone else. Inclusivity matters!