From doctors to medical staff and security forces, McDonald's has been spreading joy and positivity all over.
From doctors to medical staff and security forces, McDonald's has been spreading joy and positivity all over.

With lockdowns, social distancing and tons of quarantine exercises happening all over, we feel there's a lot more than just fear that has grappled the world.

We recently came across a campaign by McDonald's Pakistan that is cheering on our country's people and their real heroes.

In a bid to give back to the community, our favourite fast food restaurant is out to bring smiles on faces that are fighting the Covid-19 outbreak day in, day out.

What's happening?

McDonald's Pakistan is helping us realise that there's a lot more than just gratitude that we should be handing over to our country's real life heroes.

1. McDonald's Pakistan is giving away free of cost breakfast to Pakistani real life heroes

Have a look at this:

2. Free of cost meals delivered to security forces

The restaurant delivered free of cost meals to security forces as a token of gratitude towards their relentless contribution to society in such trying times.

Have a look at this:

3. A surprise visit to health care heroes at Indus Hospital

The brand redefined zimmaydari (responsibility) through a special message for all those who are caring for the sick in this challenging environment.

Have a look at this:

The initiative was taken not just to deliver hygienically prepared, scrumptious meals to health care providers, but to also send out the message that they're not alone in their fight against the coronavirus.

What does the internet feel about this initiative?

Ever since the campaign came out, we've been seeing people applauding the brand for it's conscious attempt at spreading positivity all around.

Here's a little round up of all the encouragement we've so far seen coming:

Some got all emo

Some want more restaurants to follow suit

The docs are absolutely lovin' it

We hope more people step forward to play a part in spreading smiles and taking on newer initiatives to maintain and create awareness on hygiene across Pakistan.

To keep an eye on what's brewing next at the McDonald's Pakistan HQ, head over to their official Facebook page.

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