We're discussing how she embarked on the journey of 'Self Care' and won Pakistan a medal.
We're discussing how she embarked on the journey of 'Self Care' and won Pakistan a medal.

Encouraging the belief that self-care is key to wholesome living, Whole Wheat Slices, has joined forces with Sehr Beg, who is a fitness trainer, mother, and strong advocate of self-care.

The brand is taking us on her journey to the 42K Istanbul marathon while she drops various tips and tricks along the way to help us take out time to treat ourselves well in life.

Here's a glimpse into it all:

Being a mum and an entrepreneur means you're on the go the minute you welcome a brand new day. It is hard to juggle responsibilities and take out time for yourself, but Sehr is proving that anything is possible if you try hard enough.

Have a look at how she balances it all:

We learned quite a few important lessons from Sehr's journey. Here are few of them:

1. Keep setting new goals every six months

We nodded in agreement when we heard Sehr say, "I keep setting new goals [in life] so my desire to achieve something never dies."

Everything sets in place, when you think of your passions and goals, and do your best to achieve them. We agree, Sehr!

2. One hour of me-time at minimum is absolutely necessary

..and we say it keeps you sane.

Sehr takes out an hour everyday to pamper herself, meditate and train. She believes if you can't take out time for yourself, you can't essentially keep people around you happy.

To prep for the marathon, Sehr focused on a lot of lower-body exercise and cardio.

3. Starting the day early is always a good idea

Being an early riser, Sehr feels her day remains structured when she has time on her hands.

6-7 hours of sleep and the right foods keep the body nourished and prepped to rise early and get started; Sehr says that Whole Wheat Slices helped her snack on the right kind of protein throughout her journey.

4. You have to train your mind more than your body

"Running the marathon was equal to running from Karachi Defence to Karachi University, and back." Sehr said, to do this ably one requires to invest more effort in mental training than physical.

Here's a quick look at Sehr posing with the medal she won at the Istanbul marathon:

How Whole Wheat Slices helped Sehr Beg in her journey

Peek Freans Whole Wheat Slices has been a strong advocate of self care, inspiring people to take out time for themselves for healthy and wholesome living.

The brand collaborated with Sehr Beg as she took on their 21-day challenge, inspiring us to believe that it is possible to invest quality time in self care.

To encourage the same, for every kilometer Sehr ran, the brand is sponsoring one person for a fitness workshop.

While she prepped for her journey, Sehr received a surprise giveaway in her mail which consisted of items that the brand felt would help improve her performance.

Check out what more Sehr has to say to about her experience:

For more details on how to participate for the fitness workshop sponsorship, head over to their official Facebook page.

Updates on Sehr's journey will also be available on #21DayChallenge and #SelfCareWithWWS.

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