Sana Fakhar is working on a horror drama

Published 30 Jul, 2019 03:13pm
Move over Sabrina! We got our own witch!
Move over Sabrina! We got our own witch!

After calling out the archaic family traditions in Babban Khala ki Betiyan, Sana Fakhar is getting ready to take over your nightmares.

The actor is working on a drama horror serial, Lal Mai.

Speaking to Images, Fakhar revealed, "I'm playing the character of Lal Mai, a witch. Its a very unconventional role, not one of those stereotypical ones."

"It has suspense, it has horror, it’s a complete thriller," she added.

Taking into account our love for horror flicks, we're guessing this is a serial to watch out for.

Sana with Taqi
Sana with Taqi

Lal Mai will be directed by Khalid Malik and includes Taqi Ahmed and Saleem Mairaj in the cast. Mairaj was also a part of Pakistan's last horror movie Pari so it looks like he has the needed experience for this.

According to Sana, "The team - which I call the blockbuster team - behind this serial is treating it like a film project."

Lal Mai has no release date as of yet but Sana confirmed that the serial will air on Hum TV.