It's well documented that PM Imran Khan made some pretty strong statements during his election campaign. In one of them he professed: "I would rather die than ask for money [for the country]."

Now, after negotiations with the IMF have yielded an agreement on a bailout package for Pakistan, Khan's detractors are using his own words against him.

Following news of the agreement PML-N party worker Marriyum Aurangzeb said to press that: "Imran Khan had said he wouldn't go to the IMF... but after the agreement that was finalised yesterday I think it would have been best if Imran Khan had committed suicide."

Even Bilalwal Bhutto used suicide as a punchline, taking to Twitter to say:

Holding a politician accountable to his past promises is one thing, but openly stating that you wish an individual would commit suicide is entirely something else.

What with suicide rates spiking in many countries, and with suicide being the second leading cause of death among young people (15-29 years of age), suicide is not a subject that can be treated lightly.

And yet, Pakistani politicians seem to be doing just that. In addition to Marriyum Aurangzeb and Bilawal Bhutto, in an earlier speech before the Senate JUI-F federal General Secretary Maulana Haideri said he and his party were wondering when Prime Minister would commit suicide:

Unfortunately, the public seems to be following suit. After the IMF agreement was announced many took to social media to express a similar wish for the Prime Minister... and saner voices and few and far in between.

Here's hoping sanity will prevail soon.