These Pakistani celebrity throwbacks were the most adorable thing about Mother's Day

Published 13 May, 2019 09:34am

Images Staff

Mahira Khan, is that really you?

One of the top Mother's Day trends is all the baby photos we get to see.

And Pakistani celebs this year reaaally jumped on that bandwagon.

Here are some of the cutest celeb throwbacks we got to see this year:

Looks like Mahira Khan's training to be dolled up since she was a tiny tot! So cute.

Guess we know who Ali Rehman Khan took after...

Urwa Hocane, is that really you? squint squint

Presenting little Feroze Khan. Can't you tell from his cheeky smile?

Hasnain Lehri hasn't changed much either!

Doesn't seem like Adeel Hussain liked the camera very much in childhood.