Yayvo delivers change across Pakistan with #IsMay subscription boxes

Updated 04 May, 2018 01:43pm


The black box holds goodies and vouchers encouraging subscribers to build a habit of sharing and donating

Looks like the mystery box that got us all intrigued last year has made its way back into our lives.

This time around the campaign takes a new turn, and we're all prepped to find out what it's about.

This year, the black box was open for subscription for everyone and held various goodies and vouchers in pairs.

Recipients of the box are to keep one item out of the pairs and donate the other to someone in need.

The move is Yayvo's effort to deliver change.

The reintroduced mystery box
The reintroduced mystery box

Who received the mystery package?

Looks like Nimra Khan is totally supporting the campaign:

Bilal Ashraf and Aiman Khan tell us how to use the #IsMay goodies this year:

Twitteraties respond to #IsMay

Here's what Twitter has to say about this year's mystery package and its content.

Customized tees to pump up the spirit of delivering change:

This one says the campaign has taken the right turn this year:

What's inside the box?

This year the box includes goodies like personal grooming products, clothing, tech gadgets and edible items from Garnier, Maybelline and L’Oréal, WB Hemani, Shield and donations from brands like Krone, Batik, Kapray, GSK , Mayfair, Teazuro, ZeroMoss, Studio by TCS, All my Tech, Bogo, Find my adventure and Symbios.

Here's a look:

Vouchers, deals, goodies, all included in one big package
Vouchers, deals, goodies, all included in one big package

In line with the spirit of the coming month of Ramazan, the #IsMay campaign encourages local development initiatives by partnering with NGOs including The Citizens Foundation and Saylani Welfare.

To benefit those in need, TCS & Yayvo invite all recipients of the IsMay box to fill up their boxes with clothes, toys, stationery items, books or shoes and drop it to the nearest TCS Express Center. Yayvo will transport donated items to Saylani Trust.

The #IsMay campaign also kicks off Yayvo's Shopping Day preps like every year. Yayvo Shopping Day is all set to go live on the 4th of May with discounts up to 55% up for grabs.

This content is produced in paid partnership with Yayvo.