How often do we think of rediscovering familiar places that we inadvertently take for granted?

In his latest campaign #WhenInKarachi, starring popular TV actor Zahid Ahmed and budding model Sabrina Furqan, designer Amir Adnan encourages us to take a fresh look at our city and uncover some of its oft-ignored or hidden facets.

Here's how the campaign accomplishes this:

1) It shows us Pakistani millennials taking a break from our usual fast-paced life.

Amir Adnan's campaign portrays the lifestyle of millennials in Pakistan that is no less than an on-going adventure. It emphasises self-discovery and exploration of the country's rich but forgotten heritage.

The #WheninKarachi campaign subtly hints at how millennial life in Pakistan has restricted us to always doing things in a hurry. It encourages us to take a step back from our routine and explore the many realities of Karachi that we often ignore in our everyday haste.

2) It features celebrities who moved to Karachi and fell in love with it.

The campaign features celebs who've settled into Karachi despite having their roots elsewhere. Living here, they realise that they've traveled across the world but never looked at the city of lights with the eyes of a traveler.

The #WhenInKarachi campaign takes these celebs to the old and famous neighbourhoods of Karachi to do just that - and the celebs seem to fall in love with the experience.

3) It encourages us to rediscover Karachi.

We've got to admit millennial life has everything on offer - except time. When was the last time you revisited an old park, a museum or an alma mater?

The campaign is a brand new look at exploring the intricate details of our city that pass by us every single day yet remain perfectly hidden.

The campaign is a fresh look at the same old Karachi and we think we're already falling for it.

Watch the #WhenInKarachi story in this video:

About Amir Adnan's Spring collection 2018

Titled “Dawn”, the collection attempts to represent the onset of daytime. On offer are morning hues of whites along with blacks and browns, and lush evening purples.

All the layers showcased in the new Spring collection incorporate light and breathable materials and thus are the right gear for our next expedition in the city.

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