Would you pay Rs180,000 for your bridal makeover?

Would you pay Rs180,000 for your bridal makeover?

We bring you a rate list of the most sought-after bridal salon and makeup artists in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad
Updated 12 May, 2017

With shaadi season just around the corner, Pakistan is seeing the bride-to-be brigade scurrying around their respective towns in search of the perfect makeup artist for their big day(s).

Brides want to know who can give them their desired look, and then there is the matter of one's budget.

We're here to make the search easier.

Here's a rate list of the most sought-after bridal salon and makeup artists in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.


Aliya Farooq

Bridal Package: Rs22,000

The bridal package includes a facial and a mani/pedi sesh, so it's a win!

Party Makeup: Rs6,500

Anam Farooq Khan

Bridal makeup: Rs30,000

PS: Anam Farooq Khan's rates will be Rs35,000 from November 2017 onwards.

Party makeup: Rs11,000

Bina Khan

Bridal makeover: Rs57,000

The bridal makeover is only done by the owner herself!

Party makeup: Rs16,000 - Rs11,000


Bridal by Furqan: Rs40,000

Bridal by senior assistant: Rs25,000

Party makeup: Rs15,000 - Rs8,000

Kiran Khan

Bridal makeup: Rs25,000

Party makeup: Rs6,500

Mona J's

Bridal by Mona: Rs40,000

Bridal by assistant: Rs33,000

Party makeup: Rs10,000 - Rs9,000


Bridal by Master Artist: Rs36,000

Bridal by Most Senior Artist: Rs28,000

Bridal by Senior Artist: Rs25,000

Party makeup: Rs20,000 - Rs12,000

PS: Nabila doesn't do bridal makeup herself unless on special request, but it's gonna cost you a whopping Rs300,000!


Bridal by Natasha: Rs77,000

Bridal by Natasha + Hina: Rs66,000

Party makeup: Rs27,500

FYI: The party makeup is done by Natasha's mother Hina Durrani.

Raana Khan

Bridal by Raana: Rs40,000

Bridal by Assistant: Rs25,000

Party makeup: Rs20,000 - Rs6,000

Sabs the Salon

Bridal by Saba: Rs50,000

Bridal by Senior Artist: Rs30,000

Bridal by Junior Artist: Rs25,000

Party Makeup: Rs10,000

BTW: Saba also does Engagement and Valima makeup.


Bridal Makeup by Shamain: Rs65,000

Bridal makeup by artist: Rs30,000

Party makeup: Rs30,000 - Rs8,500

Wajid Khan

Bridal by Wajid: Rs70,000

Bridal by Senior Artist: Rs45,000

Party makeup: Rs45,000 - Rs25,000



Bridal package: Rs40,000

Party makeup: Rs8,000 - Rs15,000


Bridal package: Rs30,000

Party makeup: Rs5,000 - Rs.10,000

PS: The bridal package (which includes a facial and mani/pedi) also gives a discount on party makeup for your besties!

Tariq Amin

Bridal Makeup by Tariq Amin: Rs80,000

Bridal by Most Senior Artist: Rs40,000

Bridal by Senior Artist: Rs30,000

Bridal by Junior Artist: Rs20,000

Party makeup: Rs40,000 - Rs17,000


Ather Shahzad

Bridal makeup by Ather: Rs180,000

Bridal package: Rs85,000

Bridal makeup by in-house artist: Rs35,000

PS: There is a variety of packages depending on your needs and the staff's recommendations, so the price may vary.

Hifsa Khan

Bridal package by Hifsa: Rs90,000

Bridal by Senior Artist and Hifsa: Rs65,000

Bridal by Senior Artist: Rs35,000

Party makeup: Rs8,000 - Rs10,000

Maram & Abroo

Bridal package by Senior Artist: Rs50,000

Bridal package by In-house Artist: Rs40,500

Bridal makeup by Senior Artist: Rs.30,000

Bridal makeup by In-house Artist: Rs.23,000

Party makeup: Rs14,000

PS: To get rates for makeup by Maram/Abroo, you can call for salon to request a consultation appointment.

Mariam Khawaja

Bridal package: Rs120,000

Party makeup: Rs5,000

FYI: After August 2017, Mariam Khawaja is increasing prices to Rs135,000. However, the package is all-inclusive, from services to mehndi (henna).


Bridal package: Rs60,000

Bridal makeover: Rs50,000

BTW: Uzma's bridal salon doesn't have offer party makeup but the bridal package includes a facial, mani/pedi, body polish and hair treatment.

Pro tip: For brides seeking party makeup for smaller events like the mehndi, extra charges are likely to apply for dupatta setting, etc.

All photographs courtesy the makeup artists' Instagram

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