I want youngsters to know I just followed my heart, says Tina Sani of her LSA award

I want youngsters to know I just followed my heart, says Tina Sani of her LSA award

The singer will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at this year's Lux Style Awards, and she has a message for us
17 Apr, 2017

Renowned Pakistani singer Tina Sani will be a special guest at this year's Lux Style Awards.

The LSA will be presenting the singer with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her illustrious music career.

Known as the nightingale of ghazal, Tina Sani is famous for her take on Faiz's poetry. With training from the likes of Nizamuddin Khan, Chand Amrohvi and Mehdi Hassan, she was bound to influence the Pakistani music industry.

Tina Sani told Images she "was ecstatic about the award."

"It's such a huge honour," she said. "Every time you get something like this you wonder if you've come to that point in life where you get such an award, because there's still so much more you want to do. But I'm very honoured to be appreciated this way."

And she knows exactly what she'll be saying during her acceptance speech.

"If I get the chance I'd really like to honour the young people in the industry. I don't think I'll talk about myself, I want to talk to the young people about their passion."

The singer added, "What I really want them to know is that I just followed my heart and my passion for the last 37 years. It didn't matter what the fashion was or what the trend was. I was just very conscious of the fact that I want to be what feels right in my heart. If anybody would do that, they'd be fine."

"Don't be afraid to explore, it helps in making you realise what you want. Then if you do something you truly love, you'll have high points and low points but your work will become your joy. My work is my joy. I get paid to do what I love. That should be how we all think. but don't be afraid to explore."

According to Tina, "Anyone can do what I've done. If they're passionate and focus on the goal (and I mean really focus, forget the world) they'll achieve more."

We congratulate Tina Sani on this big achievement.