Fuzon and Rahat collaborate for the music of Bollywood film 'Maatr'

Fuzon and Rahat collaborate for the music of Bollywood film 'Maatr'

Fuzon gives us details on composing music for the upcoming flick.
14 Mar, 2017

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is lending his vocals to Raveena Tandon's upcoming flick Maatr-The Mother.

Images reached out to Rahat's manager to confirm the news and turns out the qawwal has been roped in for the project.

"This song has been recorded through Emu from Fuzon band," he said.

"It's a soulful song," added the manager without delving into further details.

Fuzon's Emu, on the other hand, dished the dirt.

His friend, Maatr director Ashtar Sayed and he had been planning to work on a project together for some time and when the idea for this film came to mind, both instantly kicked off their collaboration.

They approached another close friend Michael Pellico as the producer. "We pitched the idea [to Michael] and got a chance to do this film. Ashtar asked me to do the music and I did."

Fortunately for Emu, the band recorded the songs before the Pak-India friction. "It was last year, near March/April. It's been a year."

"I recorded everything in my studio. I made sure Rahat Fateh Ali sang one of the songs," he said of bringing the qawwal on-board. "When we composed the song it was called 'Zindagi Ae Zindagi', we then decided to give it to the great Rahat [to sing] so I went to Lahore and recorded at his place and he loved it and he was very excited it. The song he is singing is emotionally deep -- one people will connect to."

But Rahat isn't the only one who has sung the song, two others also gave it a go. "First Fuzon sang the song because I composed it, so Khurram [lead singer] sang it. Then Rahat sang the same song, and lastly Kavita Seth an Indian singer with a very amazing different voice. We also did another song, it's called 'Zindagi Yun Guzar Kar'."

The keyboardist is excited about the project and claims "it's all coming at the right time."

"Our album is releasing next month and the film is releasing on April 21, but the songs will be released before, it's undecided when because T-series is going to launch it."

"We're going to shoot the video in this studio, that's going to be one version."

Deccan Chronicle also spoke to Ashtar Sayed about the music who said: "The film originally didn’t have any music, but when we started editing the movie, we felt the need for it. So we got some beautiful songs and lyrics for our film. The music has been given by a Pakistani band [Fuzon]. They had composed one beautiful song, which is sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.”

He gushed, "Rahat has got a mesmerising voice and I’m just in awe of his voice and his songs.”

Maatr-The Mother is set for release April 21.