Meesha Shafi and Aamina Sheikh urge viewers to 'beat me' in this powerful new video

Updated 21 Nov, 2016 12:10pm

Images Staff

An initiative of UNWomen, the video addresses domestic violence in a totally unexpected way

As some Pakistani legislative bodies debate whether there is a need for a women's protection bill, we know our fight against domestic violence is far from over.

There is a dire need to stand up against patriarchal ideologies in Pakistani society, and that's exactly what UNWomen set out to do with its latest campaign #BeatMe.

In the video, an all-female ensemble cast invites viewers to 'beat me' — but not in the way you'd think. The featured women challenge the viewers to beat them at their individual talents.

Vocal powerhouse Meesha Shafi, actor Sarwat Gillani, Pakistan's first woman to conquer seven highest peaks Samina Baig, fastest woman in the South Asia games Naseem Hameed and other notable personalities are seen in the video.

#BeatMe reminds viewers that women aren't just objects to direct one's aggression and frustration at, but powerful beings capable of extraordinary achievements. In a society where women are often viewed as punching bags, this video gives them back their humanity.

It's a simple message that introduces the thought of changing the way women are treated. Let's change the fact that "every second woman in Pakistan suffers from some form of domestic violence."