Adnan Sarwar is set to take the wheel once again.

The Shah director/actor, who's dabbled plenty in auto racing, is exploring the north of Pakistan in some fast and flashy cars.

Adnan has been selected as the face of BMW Pakistan's 100 Hours of Joy campaign, which is a week-long journey through the northern areas of Pakistan, including Hunza, Naran and Khanjarab Pass. The result of the roadtrip? A travelogue and short film will be made about his journey.

"This tour has made me realize what I have been missing when it comes to my own country. To drive through this amazing landscape in such incredible cars is a treat," said Adnan to Images.

The concept behind the campaign is to introduce Pakistan as an incredible tourist destination.

"This is the first time I have traveled extensively through the North of Pakistan and have been left awestruck by the sheer beauty of it all. I think this travelogue with BMW will go a long way in establishing Pakistan as a world class tourist destination."

The short film and travelogue featuring Adnan Sarwar will be released in Pakistan and internationally.