Did you know? Ali Azmat is heading to China in his latest motorbike adventure

Updated 17 Sep, 2016 12:23pm

Images Staff

The journey's only taking him five days!

Duffel bags packed, bikes fully fueled and helmets on - this time Ali Azmat has set his eyes on China as he races through Sindh all the way up north.

We all know Ali Azmat has an obsession with his motorbike and a penchant for adventure. He travelled from Karachi to Lahore in 2011, and went on a Pakistan tour again in 2013. This time, he has his heart set on a longer journey. With his bike gang, Ali is venturing up till he touches China and its bordering areas.

The singer made a Facebook page for his fans called 'Ali's crazy Central Asian Adventure' where he has frequently been updating his fans and followers about his trip.

He left for the road trip at 5am Friday morning and uploaded pictures on the page.

They've already reached their first pit stop for their morning breakfast.

Ali, with his party, have planned a five-day itinerary which starts from Islamabad (touching a number of places up north) and ends in China. This is their game plan thus far, they haven't planned anything after they set foot in the neighbouring country.