Remember the 'Justin Bibis'? They're back to take on Noor Jehan

Published 27 Aug, 2016 04:13pm

Images Staff

From 'Baby' to 'Jadon Holi Jayi Lenda Mera Naam' this duo is making one awesome comeback!

Remember when the Justin Bibis broke the internet with their amazing cover of Justin Bieber's 'Baby'?

Well the duo has returned, this time with a mash up that can easily compete with CokeStudio! The Justin Girls sing with Adnan Gill in a tribute to Noor Jehan.

Check out the video here!

The two sisters are seen in a studio sitting alongside Adnan Gill. They sing verses from various songs like Helena Josefsson's 'Broken Angel' and then break into songs by Noor Jehan like 'Jadon Holi Jayi Lenda Mera Naam.'

After their popularity with 'Baby' the Justin Bibis made their official debut with a version of the cricket World Cup Anthem 'Phir Se Game Uthadein' last year which surpassed the original star-studded line up.

While the duo is not as prominent yet, we anxiously wait for these sisters to break in to the music industry!