Updated 08 Jun, 2016

Three days ago, Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan posted an image of herself with stylist Nabila on Instagram. It created a small social media furour on our side of the hemisphere, with the picture being reposted on Instagram and Tweeted repetitively. There they were; a bona fide Hollywood star with our just as starry stylist extraordinaire and Lindsay declared that they were ‘working closely’.

Working closely with Nabila #nabila @nabila_salon

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But what were they working on? Some top secret joint project which would bring Lindsay to Pakistan (we wish!)? Or was Nabila bringing her A-game to Hollywood? Her ingenuity and expertise have won her awards galore in Pakistan and we have faith that she could easily bowl over the international film fraternity.

One also remembers how last year, Nabila hinted that she was developing a ‘No Makeup’ palette for Caucasian skin, a Western counterpart to the palette that is already in the market, specifically designed for Eastern complexions. Could it be that she was ready to venture further afield, internationally?

“I am planning to expand my business globally in the near future,” explained Nabila, in an exclusive chat with Images, “but right now, Lindsay and I are working on a charity that focuses on ending modern-day slavery. We are particularly invested in encouraging GSM sustainability within businesses, where a triple bottom line framework is followed."

"This means that businesses should have goals related to financial success as well as the fulfillment of environmental and social responsibilities. As an extension of this, talent needs to be recognized regardless of gender, education and religious background. Both Lindsay and I are very committed to these causes.”

Why didn’t Nabila simply opt for philanthropic efforts that were closer to home, working within Pakistan or with Pakistani celebrities instead? “We will be working with Pakistani celebrities in the future,” she explains.

Who would have thought that a philanthropic vein would bring these two together?
Who would have thought that a philanthropic vein would bring these two together?

“I was already involved with this charity when Lindsay reached out to me. The logistics don’t bother me, since I am on the verge of venturing into the international market anyway.”

Beyond philanthropic altruism, though, could there be more to the Nabila-Lindsay association? A new make-up range, a modeling tryst or one of Nabila’s characteristically miraculous makeovers? “We’ll see,” hedges the stylist.

Only recently Nabila discovered that her No Makeup palette was already a hot favorite on the sets of the hit TV series Grey’s Anatomy. Manufactured within Europe, the palette found its way to Hollywood and the cast took a liking to it.

“I was completely taken aback when I found out. I had had no idea,” says Nabila.

No Makeup, of course, is a veritable miracle-worker, an all-in-one pocket-sized vanity box that creates a flawless, minimal look. We’re guessing we might be seeing it soon in the international arena.

Nabila can easily be credited for reinventing and setting new standards for fashion and style in Pakistan – giving much-needed facelifts to film and TV productions, fashion weeks and fashionably-challenged awards ceremonies. It’s time now that she reinvents the world!