Going loco for local: Palestine Sweets’ kunafe hits the sweet spot

Run by a mother-daughter duo from Palestine, this kunafe is as genuinely Middle Eastern as they come.
Updated 17 Nov, 2023

I’ve chased good kunafe like some people chase their first high — mostly because my first-ever experience of the crunchy, creamy, delicately flavoured dessert was such a delight. Fried pastry stuffed with dairy and drenched in sugary syrup may seem like an intimidating idea, but the dish is absolutely anything but. Blissful and satisfying, it has a range of textures and subtleties of flavour that make it an unforgettable experience when done right.

For the longest time, nothing in the local market could match that first kunafe I’d ever tried, but I’m glad to report that Palestine Sweets in Karachi is perfectly on point. I ordered their kunafe recently for an office party, and it was an instant hit even with the calorie counters in the group.

Made with a rosewater infused cream filling — Palestine style, according to the business owners — and served with an absolutely heavenly syrup to drizzle on top, it is a must-have for those who appreciate the finer things in life. It is also as genuinely Middle Eastern as they come: the business is run by a mother-daughter duo from Palestine.

We also ordered their ketayef — small crepes, also filled with a cream concoction — which surprised us all with their refined simplicity. Also available with a mixed-nut-filling, they were a worthy accompaniment to the kunafe and held their own in some respects.

The desserts are decently priced, with a 7.5“ kunafe going for Rs1,950. It’s good for five people at least. The ketayef, meanwhile, can be had for a Rs1,000 per dozen. There are other items on the menu that anyone who has lived in the Gulf will be familiar with, and, considering the quality of the kunafe and ketayef, should definitely be worth a try.

Rating it a solid 4.5/5. Unfortunately, the delivery process took away some of the oomph of these desserts, as it seems they would have been best had fresh. Pick it up yourself to avoid that.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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