6 Pakistani styles you can wear to the Barbie movie premiere

From Desi Diva Barbie to Quirky Barbie and everything in between, these imaginative ensembles blend Pakistani traditions with the very pink world of Barbie.
04 Jul, 2023

The Barbie world premiere is weeks away and the anticipation for the red carpet is soaring and we couldn’t resist imagining what Pakistanis could have worn if they had been invited. Get ready for a sarcastic, funny, and downright outrageous style guide that blends Pakistani traditions with Barbie’s very glamorous and very pink world.

Desi Diva Barbie

Who says you can’t be a Desi diva and a Barbie girl at the same time? A stunning fusion of traditional Pakistani attire and Barbie glamour, complete with intricate embroidery, vibrant colours, and statement jewellery.

Chill Barbie

Fashion moguls might shudder at the sight, but nothing beats a chill outfit to enjoy the Barbie movie. Embrace relaxed and effortless style, with a cool and casual outfit that reflects Barbie’s laid-back personality, such as a black flapper paired with a casual pink shirt.

Over-the-Top Barbie

Who needs to tone it down when you can go all out? Prepare for jaws to drop as you stride confidently on the red carpet in a pink lehnga choli. Embrace the larger-than-life Barbie persona with an extravagant ensemble, complete with dazzling jewellery. After all, why not bring a taste of Pakistani grandeur to the Barbie world?

Just Perfect Barbie

Timeless elegance meets Pakistani flair in the Just Perfect Barbie look, featuring a pishwas which looks like a gown, elegant accessories, and a sleek hairdo.

Quirky Barbie

Move over — it’s time for a power pink suit. Embrace your inner Barbie energy with a playful and unconventional ensemble that exudes confidence and style.

Glam Barbie

All eyes on her! Dripping in sequins, rhinestones, and shimmer, this Barbie-inspired outfit exudes glitz and glamour, capturing the essence of Barbie’s glamorous world.