Going local: These five local brands have got all your sauce needs covered

From SoGood! and Dipitt to Shangrila and Mitchell's — there are so many options to satisfy your condiment cravings.
06 Aug, 2022

The import ban imposed on non-essential luxury items in May may have lifted but it didn’t leave before teaching us the value of local goods. Out went the Nando’s Peri Peri sauce and the American Garden Mayonnaise and in came local alternatives that have our backs and our honey mustard cravings satisfied!

We can all agree that condiments are a must-have for every household — with their diverse flavours, they accentuate the taste or add a much-needed zing that takes food to a whole other level. But who said only imported goods are worth it? There are local brands manufacturing products that are offering some serious competition to these foreign brands.

We have gathered a list of five local gems so you can test it out for yourself and make the switch.


SoGood! aims to provide you with tastes, smells and flavours from all around the world. They specialise in unique flavours such as Keto mayonnaise, Tartar sauce, Thousand Island and many more!

Star product: SoGood! Honey Mustard is the epitome of a perfect dip. Be it chicken strips or fried fish, it gives each food item an added kick without your wallet taking a hit!

It is available online and in grocery stores for Rs315.


With a mission to be authentic in taste and consistent in quality, Dipitt provides its customers with all kinds of sauces varying from Habanero to Chipotle to Tabasco. In addition to this, they provide bundles such as a Pasta Bundle, a Pan Asian Bundle and a Steak Bundle.

Star product: Dipitt Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce is a great add-on for food and gives it that added kick.

It is available online and in grocery stores for Rs299.

Shangrila Foods

Shangrila Foods is a brand that has been a part of the Pakistani food industry since the late 1990s. Its presence in the industry remains prominent as it aims for high quality. Their exotic dip sauces are crafted to meet the ultimate cravings, whether one likes it hot or mild. These sauces include Hot Sriracha, Hot Habanero, Peri Peri, Mint Coriander, Smoky BBQ, Thai Sweet Chilli and Mango Chilli.

Star product: Tantalise your tastebuds with Shangrila’s heavenly Imli Ginger sauce, a home-style chutney to relish every meal.

It is available online and in grocery stores for just Rs160.

Mitchells Fruit Farms

Mitchell’s dates all the way back to 1933, established by Francis J. Mitchell under the name of Indian Mildura Fruit Farms Ltd. Their brands provide customers with a diverse range and their sauces vary from the regular tomato ketchup to zesty jalapeno sauce.

Star product: Mitchell’s BBQ sauce is enriched with the smoky flavour of caramelised tomatoes, providing a delightful combination of sweet and tangy!

It is available online and in local grocery stores for just Rs165.

National Foods

National Foods is also a more established brand, having been part of the industry since 1970. National Foods uses state-of-the-art production to prepare their items in the most hygienic conditions, offering consumers flavourful sauces.

Star product: Anything is 10 times better with garlic and National’s Garlic Mayo is a step-up from basic mayo to add that oomph to your food!

It is available online and in grocery stores for just Rs371.