Mahira Khan and Ayesha Omar appeal to PM Imran to get the domestic violence bill approved

Published 04 Aug, 2021 11:30am

Images Staff

The bill needs to be passed to protect women from abuse, the actors said on Twitter.

Actors Mahira Khan and Ayesha Omar recently appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan on social media, asking the premier to take the necessary steps to get the Domestic Violence Protection and Prevention Bill, 2021 passed in parliament

The bill — which was initially passed by the National Assembly — was referred back to the Lower House of Parliament after the Senate suggested amendments to the law, citing concerns regarding various contents of the bill. The bill was then sent for review by the Council of Islamic Ideology — a decision that was heavily criticised on social media.

Following the tragic killing of Noor Mukadam on July 21, many people have renewed their call for the bill to be passed. Mahira posted a Twitter appeal to PM Imran and said as long as there aren't any laws in place, women will always be vulnerable to abuse.

She made the appeal whilst praising the PM's recent comments on Mukadam's case. "People say that the alleged killer comes from a rich and influential family, because of which he might escape due punishment," the premier had said. "Let me tell you, no one will escape punishment here. He wont escape even if he's a dual national with an American citizenship."

Actor Ayesha Omar also replied to Mahira's post. Tagging PM Imran, she said, "I second this. This should definitely be a priority right now. This bill needs to be passed and laws put in place. So many women are regularly facing Domestic abuse and it is dismissed as being 'a personal home matter'. Women need to be protected."

Many people commented on both posts, seconding their requests to the prime minister to get the bill passed on an urgent basis so that women and children are offered more legal protection from the state.