Designer Umar Samia Sayeed paid tribute to his mother this Father's Day in the best way

Published 22 Jun, 2021 02:09pm

Images Staff

He has officially changed his name to include his mother's, a woman he says he owes his success to.

Luxury fashion designer Umar Sayeed has become the son of the year. Out of respect and admiration for his mother, a woman he views as strong and inspirational, he has officially changed his name to Umar Samia Sayeed.

About the experience of changing his name at NADRA, he said it was a difficult process, fraught with hardships and ridicule.

Sayeed took to social media to make the announcement. In a Facebook post, he wrote, "When I’m my best, I’m my mother's son. It’s the day I announce that I have officially added my mother's name to my name."

He said he's proud to attach his mother's name to his own.

The announcement came on Father's Day. With our news feeds drowning in pictures of people's dads, Sayeed's post stood out with a heartwarming picture of himself with his mother.

Speaking about how meaningful this change is to his life, he reflected on his adoration for his mother, saying she is where he learnt to be strong and understood the power of being good and empathetic.

In a later post, he spoke about the tedious process he had to undertake to get his name changed at NADRA.

"The ridicule and the hardships I have faced from NADRA, my own friends and loved ones is a different story altogether," he revealed.

He has no regrets though. All his struggle seems worth it to him. "I’m so proud of being my mother's son. Nothing makes me happier than this," he noted.

Sayeed humbly said he owes all his success to his mother and that she is the reason he is the person he is today.

Our hearts are full. Seeing how much this means to him, we are glad he made the decision, committed to it, and it all worked out. We love seeing people honour their mothers in the best way possible!