It is no surprise that Habib University's Yohsin lectures, an important event arranged in the honour of their annual graduating batch, are always one to make headlines.

While last year Reza Azlan, author of world's best-seller No God But God made it to Karachi, this year mesmerising the audiences with his brilliant virtual talk, will be none other than Dr Noam Chomsky.

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American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian, social critic, and political activist, Chomsky according to The New York Times, is arguably the "most important intellectual alive."

His lecture will be titled “Bullet dodged or merely delayed: Reflections on the future of democracy, nuclear threat and the looming environmental catastrophe in a post Trumpian world," and will be available to the general public on the 7th of December, 2020 at 6:15 PM (PST).

Having authored over a 100 books ranging from linguistics to politics to mass media in his long and illustrious career, Chomsky is currently serving as a Laureate Professor at the University of Arizona, and Institute Professor Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

It’s known that many around the world breathed a deep sigh of relief when it became clear that Joe Biden had finally defeated Donald Trump in the recent U.S. presidential election, seemingly ending a dark chapter in U.S. and world history. But is it too early to take comfort?

You can tune in to the lecture on Facebook or Habib University's Youtube platform and find out.

As the international scholar will sign in from across the world to engage with students as well as the public on a topic of global importance, here's hoping the series works towards cultivating engaged, thoughtful citizens who are locally grounded and globally aware.