DC/Snyder fans across the world hugged each other (virtually, because... pandemic) and cried with joy when it was finally revealed that the Snyder cut for Justice League is on its way.

But maybes you're someone who nervously thinks this news was too good to be true. Or perhaps you are someone who doesn't understand what the hype is all about and what difference it could possibly make, proving you didn't see the director's version of Batman vs Superman. Either way, Zack Snyder's here to surprise us.

The director just dropped a 30 second clip which shows just how much bigger the film was meant to be compared to the 2017 version. And we get it!

The clip shows Diana (Gal Gadot) underground looking at some carvings and lo and behold, who is it up on the wall? Darkseid! The video ends with a grand glimpse of Darkseid and his army, looking fully prepared to conquer and destroy another world.

Those who have loyally followed Snyder's updates are aware that Darkseid was to have a more prominent role in the movie and be the main villain for his Justice League in a sequel.

After all, even BvS had scenes hinting - or should we say warning - at Darkseid's invasion.

However, when the director left and Joss Whedon took over, the villain was removed and Steppenwolf was on as the main villain. One can understand why the film feels haphazard, confusing and incomplete. Imagine a chocolate cake but no chocolate, what is this batter?

ReleaseTheSnyderCut has been trending on social media pretty much from the day the 2017 film was released, with even the cast members such as Ben Affleck and Jason Momoa supporting the call. Heck some fans - not saying who (we mean us) - were already speaking about waiting on the director's cut before the film was releasing.

Now that it's finally happening, we're so excited that this clip is proof we were right to demand it. Just as excited over the fact that the film will be almost four hours long!