An amalgamation and collaboration of music, fashion and culture, Shaan-e-Pakistan is digitally celebrating a platform for emerging artists.

The event aims to showcase Pakistan's image in a positive light, and 2020 edition of the Shaan-e-Pakistan Music Achievements Awards (SEPMA) will highlight South Asian ensembles to bring to light the plethora of talent this country holds.

In an interview with Images, Producer and Director Huma Nassr spoke about the event and revealed that the main idea behind the event was to "depict a story of talent from the slums and work with the real musicians of Pakistan who may not be able to come forward otherwise."

"We ensure that our content is flawless and refreshing for the audience."

"When our Shaan-e-Pakistan show in Colombo had to be postponed due to COVID-19, we decided that the second edition of SEPMA would be a digital endeavour. Our aim is to bring music to such new heights that there would be a budget set by the Government with regards to the music industry. Our musicians have done a lot to bring revenue to this country," she added.

The mixtape volume 2 of SEPMA this year plans to highlight some interesting genres, and we're excited to see what's in store.

Previously, the event took place in Lahore in March 2019.