Can you ketchup with these prices?
Can you ketchup with these prices?

An endemic of War of the Worlds proportion has taken over our country and that's mehngai.

And not just your average inflation but our beloved and underrated fruit (and vegetable for those of you about to say it) the humble tomato has gotten expensive beyond our imaginations. We mean it, did you ever think you'll have to pay Rs 300-400 for a kilo of tomatoes to make karhai? That's fine dining now!

Naturally when times get dark, we do what we do best; turn to humour. Twitterati immediately starting sharing jokes about the surge in prices and while we weep, we also laugh.


I ain't saying she's a tomato-digger

Desi moms be like

Yeh tamatar hum ko dede Thakur!

Pick-up line of 2019

They're doing the salsa (gettit gettit?)

Like we said, fine dining

And we don't mean the fruit!

So is aaloo the Android?

Who needs diamonds?

Mobile chorr gets an upgrade

The new status symbol

How we cope now

But something doesn't add up