Photo by Khaula Jamil
Photo by Khaula Jamil

Karachi's weather has been in a bit of a troll mood lately but Friday just got freaky.

While for the past few days we've been amidst the curious combination of a heat stroke and mild rain - which happened at an oddly fixed time too by the way - it started pouring today with an ample amount of thunder and lightening.

Like every time it rains in Karachi, Twitter was active but they couldn't help but talk about the extremely thunderous situation of the city.

Karachi indeed be like

Always the first instinct of a Karachiite

Girl, same

So did we!

That's one way to look at it

Feels like denial but we'll take it

Speaking of denial...

Everyone who's at the office right now

The rain disrupted the Pakistan vs Sri Lanka ODI in Karachi too and fans aren't happy