Fasting can make people funny. Here's proof

Updated 09 May, 2019 01:15pm

Ramazan is here and with it a sense of humour that only Muslims can understand.

Muslims all over the world are ready for the Holy month and they're keeping it as light as refreshing as a cool glass of Rooh Afza.

We've been having a field day with all the fun posts and you should too!

It starts

And so do Eid preps

Ramazan throwback anyone?

Guess who's back, back again

Roza 101

Where is the lie?

Oh no

Seriously, this joke needs to end

Sehri be like

there's always that one guy

Post sehri be like

Very punny indeed

Time to date

Every time!

This article is categorised as humour/satire. Its contents are not meant to be read literally.