Salman Khan and Dhoom 4 sounds like a cinema success story waiting to happen, but here's the thing: it's not.

Although he was long rumoured to be part of Dhoom 4, it's being said that the actor has opted out. According to initial rumours, Salman left the film because the filmmakers couldn't meet his demand of not sharing a scene with Abhishek Bachchan (ouch!!!).

But turns out Salman only had his audience's best interests at heart when he let go of a big project like Dhoom.

According to Filmfare, Salman said in a recent interview that he doesn't want to play a villain as that would glorify wrongdoings and send a negative message to his viewers. For the record, Salman has never played an out-and-out villain in his acting career.

Perhaps he recognises that he doesn't have the cleanest track record in real life. Is this how he's making amends?