The trailer for Varun Dhawan's October is out now

Published Mar 12, 2018 07:30pm

The trailer for Varun Dhawan's new film October is out now and we're thinking this film may offer an interesting mix of love-story mushiness and real-life mystery.

Varun stars as a hospitality management student Dan who's training at a five-star hotel with his classmate Shuili (first-time actor Banita Sandhu). While the two barely interact with each other, Varun is surprised to discover that she asks about him after an unfortunate turn of events sends her to the ICU.

Dan finds himself growing fond of Shuili and tries to look after her, even in her comatose state. His friends don't understand why he's doing so much for her, and he can't believe they would care so little about her.

People agree that this is not a conventional love story but it's likely to stir some emotions when it releases on April 13.