Kareena Kapoor is back in the game post pregnancy and people are taking notice - especially fashion labels.

The Bollywood actor has signed to be the face of high street Indian label Anita Dogra and after getting back on the bandwagon, she feels she represents the 'woman of today'. In an interview with Vogue India, Kareena gets candid about working post motherhood.

"I'm a mother now and I'm working so you know the fact is, I represent the woman of today. And that's the way I think most of my fans see me as the girl that is casual yet stylish, yet the working woman of today. That, is key and I cater to that—I do. That's why you’ll never really see me dressed over-the-top," says the actor.

And so far life as a working mother has been a smooth transition. "I think it is amazing. After having a good day at work, I am waiting to see my son [at] home. It's quality over quantity. Some can stay at home all day but the idea is to keep the focus going, whatever it is you are doing at the time."

"If you like what you do at work it's even better. Acting is my passion and if I go to work, I feel like a more enriched mother. Women multitask the best."

When it comes to mothers returning to work, Kareena feels they "need love and nurturing."

"You definitely need support from your husband who is working but you have to balance things. You just have to learn to do things," she adds.

Talking about the change motherhood has brought in her, the Udta Punjab actor says, "It is an amazing experience. There's a part of me and Saif in the world and he is my responsibility and I am going to be showing and teaching him new things."

And Taimur is already learning to be around working women at a young age, explains the new mom.

"Taimur is going to grow up with a working mom. My sister, his masi is also a working woman. He has my mother to look up to, my mother-in-law who is still [a] working woman," says Kareena.

"So, he is going to grow up in that atmosphere and learn to respect women in that sense. He also has a wonderful nanny, again another working woman who looks after him so he will be growing up seeing the power of women from as early as seven months old."