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Maria B memed

While what happened with her husband and the police was no laughing matter, the memes that have followed are pure gold. Updated Mar 27, 2020 03:29pm

Ahmed Ali Butt, why?

The actor equated the slogan ‘Mera jism, meri marzi’ to a western campaign that is being exploited locally. Updated Mar 07, 2020 01:54pm

Khalil Ur Rehman, please sit

Unnerved by the slogan 'My body, my choice', his latest outburst includes swearing at Marvi Sirmed on live television. Updated Mar 04, 2020 05:06pm

Ayyan Ali is back on social media

The model resurfaced on Instagram to talk about her 2015 track Earthquake and it looks like she's here to stay. Published Mar 03, 2020 03:44pm

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