Updated Feb 17, 2017 01:15pm

Heartbroken Pakistanis mourn attack on Sehwan Sharif

Pakistan saw its 10th terrorist attack in 5 days yesterday when a bomb ripped through a crowded shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar in Sehwan, killing at least 70 people, including 20 children and wounding hundreds.

People are shocked that terrorists would target a hub of peace and inclusivity.

Some are calling out the government for failing to ensure safety.

More are appalled at the dire lack of medical services in Sehwan and adjoining areas.

Some chose to highlight how the people came together to compensate for the absence of disaster management systems.

We pray for better times, but this tweet sums up Pakistan today:


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sadface Feb 17, 2017 12:02pm

The injured had to be moved to Karachi for basic sterilization. What has PPP been doing in Sindh for the past 10 years they have been in office.

Jaideep adhvaryu Feb 17, 2017 01:31pm

Sincere heartfelt condolence on this tragic event. At the end of the day, faith and prayers will help tide the pain.

SARA Feb 17, 2017 03:47pm

People have to understand there is no safety in Pakistan for a common man. So visiting such crowded places and religious activities on the streets and roads should be avoided

mukesh Feb 17, 2017 05:24pm

My heart goes out for those who had been killed or injured in attack.

JOE Feb 17, 2017 08:18pm

@Jaideep adhvary Neither faith not prayers can do anything for such acts It is determination with planning that can only bear fruits.

IMTIAZ ALI KHAN Feb 18, 2017 06:34am

@sadface Loot and deception.